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Salford, Mantrunk UIDS, Manchester

Project Details

The Salford 172 works form part of a cluster of projects in the Manchester area. It comprises of a new 4,500m3 storm retention tank and diversion chamber designed to store storm sewage and prevent discharge in periods of heavy rainfall to the local watercourse.

The project is part of the £3.6 billion being invested by UU in AMP5 across the North West to improve water quality and the environment by 2015.

As part of United Utilities commitment to provide cleaner rivers and canals, a scheme was devised that would store storm flows, returning them to the sewer which flows back to Salford WwTW However, should the storm continue, any flows passing to the watercourse would be screened to minimise pollution, improving the quality of the local watercourse.

Offafix Scope of Works

  • Construction of a 20m diameter x 2.80m deep reinforced concrete base slab complete with 800mm deep perimeter washdown channels and sump
  • 2 Nr x 21m long X 1.60m deep channel support beams which are suspended 10m high. The beams support 3m high walls creating spill channels to the original culvert outfall.
  • Forming of 8nr steel support corbels, drilled and doweled into secant piles which are suspended 12m high
  • Construction of a single sided, 5m high pile restraint collar complete with inlet and outlet voids for flows in and out of the diversion chamber.
  • Diversion chamber benching works (3.5m high) undertaken in confined space conditions within a live culvert channel.

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