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Jackson Edge Reservoir

Project Details

Jacksons Edge service reservoir was built over 100 years ago and supplies water to over 40,000 customers in the Disley area, but it’s reaching the end of its useful life. To improve water quality and safeguard supplies to the area United Utilities needed to carry out works on the reservoir.

The overall project includes the design and construction of a new twin compartment reinforced pre-cast concrete (modular) service reservoir with integral Valve House and associated inlet and outlet pipelines with connections to the existing network mains to replace the existing single compartment reservoir. The project also includes a new scour / overflow pipeline and associated discharge structure.


Offafix Scope of Works

  • Build a new service reservoir with two tanks and install a new overflow pipe. The tanks will hold 18 million litres of water
  • Stitching of Precast concrete wall infills
  • FRC Works to Valve House construction


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