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Project Details

BASF Performance Products Ltd contracted JN Bentley to build a new Acrylamide
production plant on its Low Moor production site in Bradford. These works were required to replace an
existing facility on a brownfield site within the existing works area.

The works to the new BIO ACM production facility were to be undertaken while maintaining all
operations within the largest COMAH registered facilities in the UK.

The new facility comprises of several structures for which Offafix were subcontracted to complete the FRC works

1. New BIO ACM process unit comprising of a 650m2 reinforced concrete base (800mm deep) cast to falls in 4 directions using proprietary level controls.
The slab was cast with integral 500mm deep perimeter channels and a 2.5m deep sump structure. These works also incorporated a 700mm high perimeter
wall and 92 plinths of varying dimensions to carry the new M&E installation.

2. A Cooling Tower facility consisting of a 128m2 concrete base (700mm deep), with 1.70m high walls and columns

3. 4 New pipe racks structures consisting of various size bases and plinth / columns support to tie in to the existing infrastructure,

4. Pump House Building

5. MCC building.